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Where South Carolina Law Enforcement is Defined

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The United States comprise a nation governed by laws created by the people, with each state government providing laws and regulations which are unique to its own citizens and institutions but supplemental to the United States Constitution.

It is the mission of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy to foster and uphold prescribed laws and regulations by providing mandated basic and advanced training to law enforcement personnel and maintaining a continuous certification process to ensure that only the most qualified persons are sanctioned by the state to enforce its laws.

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Academy Chief
TSO Conference
Guest Instructor
New Advanced Training Catalogue
Taser Memo
2017-2018 Master Training Catalog
The 2017-2018 Master Training Catalog is available!
Click here for more information.
TSO Conference Registration 2017
The 2017 TSO Conference will occur June 19-21. See below for details on registration.

TSO Conference Notice
TSO/TSI Conference 2017
Guest Instructors Needed!
For the 2017-2018 training year, the Academy is looking for more guest instructors to add to our schedule. Please review the schedule here regarding dates and contact information, if interested.
NEW Advanced Training Catalog 2017-2018
The Advanced Training Catalog
July 2017 - June 2018
Available here!
Attention ALL SC LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Please review the following memorandum immediately regarding the use of tasers.
Use of Taser Memo Jan. 2016

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